Thursday, July 29, 2010

Day of the X

Sunday 25th July 2010,the day finally came,and im excited to meet the fellow X8 owners for the 3rd time..the gathering starts at 4pm..i went for a wedding first in kajang and meet up Jaul,before we headed to Shah Alam..
its been raining since afternoon...and federal highway is quite congested even on sunday~wtf!
we are the first one to arrived at the location..isk..i was beginning to worry they might not show up
but as the time past by,the gang show up one by one,filling the empty car park and the restaurant
a total of 13 G/JZ X8 shown up from dead stock looks to the ultimate jdm style
not forgetting 1 jza70 supra and 2 celica supra members came to show their support over the gathering..
red seems to be a special color that day,as everyone was drooling over the soarer jzz30 that have just been imported recently from japan, kudos to the owner for having a big balls bring it over without any registration number yet hehe
and this red jzx80 which is also my favorite car of the day..perfect in every way...but need just a little bit of lowering down the car hehe
around 6pm we left the restaurant and decided to make a quick trip to the Dataran Shah Alam,we cause the traffic to slow down as the were watching the convoy of the Toyota clan..
once arrived we park and continue our chit chat and taking photo session

2 jzx80 that i think qualify to be the X8 representative

time is almost half past 7 pm, and its time for me to make a move as i have a family dinner that night..but before i leave we manage to take a group photo together and discuss future planning for the next event..

i would like to thanks all the guys that shown up that day,including Amat Dx, Nick, and Inche Helmi Dori-Dori..lets do it again next time :)

p/s: to viewmore photos plz go to facebook jzx81 only page!

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