Tuesday, July 27, 2010

my review : i see Clone~

so here is the new Proton Waja replacement model, called Waja Impiana Lancer..Looks familiar? its a cheaper version of Mitsubishi Lancer with all its look and none of its performance..from what i heard it will using a 1.6 Mivec engine instead of the original 2.0 Mivec.. i know it maybe because of the agreement between Proton and MMC to keep their market secured. price wise is about rm30k cheaper from the original Lancer. im sure most Malaysian would love it,as long as its cheap, look good, performance is a second thing hahaha..u can always upgrade it, align with the spirit of Malaysia Boleh!! (Can!!)
dont have to cover it out, we already know LOL
15inch stock wheel
everything look the same from the outside.. its under license by MMC
240 km/h for 1.6cc engine fuh impressive
Clarion player, if i not mistaken the evo X i ride last time was Rockford Fosgate

auto granny,opss i meant tranny..

hmmmm rm80k...no offence proton and its not i dont support the Malaysia product, but its just a copy and paste job from MMC with 40% of its progress missing.. i would rather buy a toyota vios with that price..(if i have the money.. rm3.5k also cant afford..80k~LOL..forgive me,im being sarcastic to myself)

damn! i can be a car journalist...someone please hire me...hahahaha

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