Wednesday, July 28, 2010


posting will return to normal with picture since i got a replacement for the phone cable hehe thanks to Nick..
btw remember this special blue hood i mention before?actually its all fiber and its finally mine hahaha

will send it for custom air vent hehe

the bumper came as a package,since i will be using a BN Sport bumper in the future,i decided to sell this Stage 21 bumper off..

also yesterday i went to meet up Abg Man Sg. Buloh to pick up the digital float tank for my meter..check out the paint on his x8,nice with sparkling dust hehe...thats a bn sport front bumper!i liiiiiiike~

after almost a year worrying and budgeting how many fuel left in the tank!now no more my friend haha

i also updated the pic for the r32 4doors pic..enjoy

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