Thursday, July 1, 2010

one day trip...

friday night...just got off work at 12a.m then got a called from a friend of mine asking if i wanna tag along for Megat wedding in perak..quickly i called Lan,and that saturday morning at 8a.m we meet up at s.alam...after a quick breakfast we're off..

a few hours later,we arrived..i never know 2.5 diesel turbo was this fun to drive!

taiping perak!

from the main toll exit to the place were heading is about one hour drive..look at the road inside the village..only fit for one car..this is a disadvantage when driving a big Mitsubishi Triton..however~

when u can park just about anywhere,its definitely an advantage hehe...

then we meet up with the rest of the team,Nick, Jepp and Ipin who went a day earlier from us..after the wedding we decided to go to Penang!

on the ferry going to the island~

upon arrival in the island,we are hungry again...dunno where the previous food have gone to a local hawker stall in Gurney Drive..picking up the ingredient for Pasembor

Pasembor contains fried dough fritters, bean curds, boiled potatoes, prawn fritters, hard boiled eggs, bean sprouts, cuttlefish,fishcake, fishball and cucumber mixed with a sweet thick, spicy peanut sauce...yum yum!

after spending a few more hours,rounding up the island,its time to go back...huhu..

there a two way to get in and out of Penang Island..1st is the ferry and the other one using the Penang bridge..till next time!were sure to come back becoz Penang is a perfect gateway holiday destination..

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