Tuesday, August 31, 2010

31 August 1957

happy 53th independence day Malaysia!

no matter what our political views or who do we roots for..lets keep the peace that we achieve and strive to build a better Malaysia!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Late night Project

Many-many thanks to Joe40c, Ipin, Megat, Burn, Mong-gek, and Jepp for coming to my place and helping installed the bodykit..

working his magic with zip ties

here's the result,best view in black and white hahaha

Bn sport,missing the GTR intercooler..will install it after paint ;)

still kinda high~huhu

as u can see the rear haven't been install,need to mod at the fiber shop,its not plug and play

btw im selling the stock front bumper..more info here

next please~

so i decided to leave the turbo and waterpump problem unsettle for a while and buy me something that i always wanted..

joe40c words of wisdom:it need just a little bit more~

just got the Big Win side skirt and rear bumper from Drift House..thanks to Ah Kai..will match it with the Bn Sports front bumper that i been keeping for a long time already..if u look closely at the second picture,i haven't install the bodykit yet,noticed the many usage of a broken turbo LOL!

Friday, August 27, 2010

combo king~

destruction king and hipposleek...

Monday, August 23, 2010

Part Two : Sugar, were goin down~

from "Part One : sound at the gate",the wastegate are already functioning but the problem with the unstable boost still occurred..after a few series of discussion with the mechanic, we conclude that i have wrongly marked the wastegate positioning..DUH~

Epic ~RnD went wrong ha ha ha..its not that i didnt do a research about it before,but like i said before not many 1jz owners wanna do this kinda thing,and i cant find a thing on this over the world wide web..

this is how it supposed to be done (excuse the stupid drawing,but thats the best that i can do LOL)by making a U shape pipe the air flow from both turbo should hold the boost pressure stable...

so now i still can drive the car,its just i cant full boost..thinking of redoing the whole thing back,but its 2 week more before Eid and workshop are getting busy with customers car..to add it up ,i noticed white smoke from the exhaust~a small sign of turbo is going to die again...and worst of all waterpump is leaking water slowy..price for a new set from weng hin?almost rm2k~ hahaha....

BUMMER!! maybe its the calling of single turbo~ha ha ha errrr Narf!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

I should explode~

watch starting 0:30..haha..

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


many-many thanks to Raymie Jay a.k.a Jawa and Gencos for the picture

Black n white in motion

Fuel time~


excuse the pump attendant

side front..

side rear..

gencos, gonna need ur help sometime soon,shooting this ride again when it get a new skin and kitted~hehe

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Home Sweet Home~

will be bringing Jyu back by tomorrow after almost 2 weeks at the workshop..
btw here is 1985 legend song by Motley Crue..LOL i was a 1 year old that time :)

Saturday, August 14, 2010

where the air is cool~

went uphill again despite the wastegate and turbo issue..not all out but just enough to have fun!car feels good and the best thing of all..no white smoke hehe

Never get too excited..

another one bite the dust.i know that shit happen and plz drive carefully on the public road..

Friday, August 13, 2010

part one : sound at the gate!

some of u might be wondering why does changing a clutch plate could take up to a week,here is why..

working on something most dont prefer, putting a wastegate on a twin turbo..because it won't last long, twin turbo installation is a bitch, and the single turbo is the easist way to go..since i got the wastegate and turbo at a bargain price,hey what the heck! my welder Za swear this is the last time he ever gonna do a thing like this..LOL i promise if the turbo dies again,im going for single turbo setup!

car is done yesterday,but we failed to get the wastegate to open and the boost spike up to 1.1bar and straight to boost cut~huhu that is too much pressure for the twin to handle...still working on it~

after all the parts installed,u can barely see the wastegate as that the only space available to put it..i like it that way make engine look stock hehe...

btw the clutch and gear shifting feel great,hehe and noted to self,never get too excited, silly me playing too much with gear causing my dashboard speaker cover to break into pieces,(dont ask how it happen hahaha) and mistaken pumping rm15 of Ron 97 fuel instead the regular Ron 95 at the time when im dead broke hahaha....duhhhhh~

until part two..

photo of the day : why Modeling is so hard~

sometimes that u have too sleep on it..

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Haven't met u yet

just got back from Jepp Hill Garage sending some part for the car..its a very hot day during the first day of fasting and im sleepy...but for no reason i feel like listening to this song~

A happy time~

i would like to wish all my muslim readers a very happy month of Ramadhan Al Mubarak..happy fasting and lets be thank full that were still here to celebrate the holy month..

azrin freedoms crew :)

Monday, August 9, 2010

i can feel it

im targeting to install the bodykit and new color soon..within a month or two more

hey sleepy~

joe40c 180sx new skin

seriously in love with this color...

closed up during the day,tempting isn't it hehe...

Saturday, August 7, 2010

flying Daigo~

he always got a new trick up his sleeves~fresh from Powervehicles.com Practice and Qualifiyng for D1 at Minami, featuring Daigo Saito, Hibino, Matsui and more..

Friday, August 6, 2010

trans is out

the car is currently at Jepp hill garage

time to change the parts that i recently bought for the R154 gearbox

left: new clutch plate....right: old one..if u look closely,u will noticed a big different in quality of both clutch,i seriously dont know what model the old clutch is from..but im quite certain it cant with stand up to 500hp on the stock clutch most 1jz owners been claiming about..huhu not that im going for that so much power LOL

oil seal flywheel, and clutch bearing

Jepp asked me to sandpaper the clutch cover and flywheel first,to get a smooth surface before putting it back..

huhu cant wait for the car to come out next week!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Bordening the Horizon

its seem like one of fellow freedoms crew member is getting an upgrade as he already reach his limit with the current car..i totally agree with it, if he want to continue in the pro drifting league..next is jzz20 in the making!

Monday, August 2, 2010

No sample~

after almost two weeks of waiting, my bearing clutch have finally arrived,(Weng Hin have no problem sourcing the clutch plate, and oil seal flywheel though,as there are ready stock,bearing their need to order from japan)

so here is the Stock Code no,just in case if u guys wanna order it from Weng hin and dont have a sample of the item

3125014185 - Clutch Plate
9036345012 - Bearing Clutch
9031190006 - Oil Seal Flywheel

plz note that this item for R154 gearbox only :)