Saturday, October 23, 2010

do want this!

powered by Max Electronic Vital Digital Meter~

what does it do?basically its like a Defi Link VSD but way-way cheaper hehe

the demo for us dummy LOL

now,if i can just have someone from Japan to help buy me this thing..that would be great~LOL


amat said...

best... agak bp ekk?

singbluesiliver said...

180 usd,tp kalau beli dr jepon murah lg

yus said...

eh beli jepon braper bro? aku nak satu gak la..

singbluesiliver said...

yg pasti nye murah lagi la yus- hehe ko ade cable ke kat sana??bole kirim?

Marco said...

I can order this from the US... I think if you contact PSM they'd be happy to ship it to you.

This PSM rep says free worldwide shipping!

singbluesiliver said...

marco- they do free worldwide shipping??YES!! thanks for the info bro,i will look into it :)