Sunday, October 10, 2010

part 2 : axle roses no more

bought the x8 subframe a few month back..but been keeping it at a friend shop because not enough money to install it~

what i didnt know when i buy it,is the subframe/irs was from a gx81 model and not the jzx81..jz model use 6 allen key screw..oh well,on the bright side the ratio is 4.1 ratio:) and i send it over to Za to weld the diff..
after a week in the workshop this is how it look,noticed the rear is more lower than the front,because of this
(full history here)
17 x 9jj offset +19 super advan is nicely tuck,thanks to the camber adjustment
more picture~

this is got to go (rear brake)~ha ha ha...

now,i need to re do my exhaust system (no muffler at the moment,sounded like a lorry), change tire profile(215/45, currently 225/45), install tein front washer,bla,bla,bla the list go on and on~

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