Monday, October 4, 2010

Part two:Ur majesty?

since the used car place is so near to my home,i decided to check the crown out~now-now,dont get me wrong,as i was only went to see it hehehe (hey!i know that bike!LOL)
upon start,u cant even heard the engine idling..really asuper silence 2jz n/a
when i sit inside and closed the door,i was blown away by the luxuriousness this car got to offer,the superb classy interior,the spacious cockpit and best of all everything from the steering adjustment,air condition,the swinging vent,and seat are controlled by electronic!!truly suitable for VIP car~

see even the meter is digital!got out side temperature as well...deng!

one of the major setback about this crown is the problem with its Air suspension..apparently the left rear side is broken,making the car went up and down when driving(i suspected a leak inside the suspension causing it cant hold the air from the compressor)..the solution is to replace the air suspension,quoted price at Rm1k a piece or swap the whole thing with a normal non-air suspension from the older crown model huhu...aside from that i cant spot any problem..

just a thought.lets say if i do buy the car,where im gonna find rm27k cash and im gonna be dead broke maintaining the two JZ inside vehicle..especially the roadtax huhu...but the best thing to do is.........continue dreaming hahaha

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air ride kits said...

Tragedy happened to your suspensions. Too bad. But I like your attitude towards it you are very positive.