Monday, October 11, 2010

sibling comparison

the unfamous x110 Mark II


the unwanted~ verossa

the x110 mark II win everytime LOL


Richie Presto said...

that 110 looks like a corolla

singbluesiliver said...

yeah,but atleast its not ugly like the verossa,i think the engineer must be on weed or something when designing the car LOL

pandapirates said...

Haha the 110 again.. we call him pac-man as well as a variety of other names..

anyways.. versossas are kinda gaining popularity around here, maybe its because im from kanagawa and 4-door style is what life is about here... but yea, as they get older and cheaper I wouldn't be too surprised that more pop up..

singbluesiliver said...

pac-man!hehehe,are 110 or verossa expensive?? becoz next year im thinking bringing in a car from japan

pandapirates said...

verossas are more than 110's I believe.. depends what you consider expensive lol.. they are expensive to me because I am used to s-chassis.. 110's are cool but they have this drive by wire crap so if you wana drift it it costs like 2000$ US to get all the removed and working properly :/

singbluesiliver said...

oh ok,thanks for the info brian,i think im sticking to x90 or x100 then hehe..if i ever in Japan,can u be my tour guide there?LOL~