Saturday, October 16, 2010

Supra and Friends gathering

16 October 2010-6pm Putra Height Shah Alam. Organized by Bryan and Malaysia's Supra Society

a total of 6 jza80 and 1 jza70 supra came

other friends include a180sx, r34,r32 (that i wanted to buy last time LOL) and Altezza

jyu brotherhoods 12 x8 and 1 mz10 soarer, this gathering should be call x8 and friends gathering hahahaha

colorful sexy back lol

Gila Kuasa (power craze) Spec Mark II

like a scene from fast and furious 1

Brian O conner -nice ride,whats the retail of one of those?
Cocky owner-more than u can afford pal,FERRARI~ROFLMAO!!!

around 7.30pm we all are very hungry so left the place to grab dinner

on the way to Kesas Highway "Awan Besar" rest stop

9.45pm stomach are full, time to part and went home hehe~


Isidro said...

12 X8s? wow i wish i was there!

singbluesiliver said...

yup hehe,if u decided to come to malaysia for holiday let me know,i will try organize a small X8 gathering for u :)

Isidro said...

haha thanks! It would probably be in like 5 years though. I have to graduate first, and then make enough money to afford the trip lol.

Slappy said...

Lovin the sedans!