Sunday, October 10, 2010

three freaking years!

Friday night at Jepp Hill Garage..everyone is busy prepping their car for a drift demo at Nilai,Negeri Sembilan in collaboration with Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia, Rattlezasia, Hillsidedancers, and Freedoms-crew
here is atip installing the green monster new handbrake
my r33 2pot brake saying hi
the next day,with the total of 9 cars from KL and Sepang,we rocked the Nilai Demo!

hey! im learning how to drift again,times fly fast,haven't been drifting since the day i wrecked my ke70..till these day its almost 3 years man!because putting a nice face,offering some tire and borrowing other people cars to play just isn't my style~now thats explain why i can't even do a simple figure O (donut)...LOL..its okay i guess, as long as i look stupid doing it in my own car~ i also best known to be a poser hahaha :)

actually the car just came out the workshop,with no muffler,proper alignment,shitty brake,suspension & waterpump leak,rear tire rubbing and other small issue..but what the hell, just,go for it!

outcome..super dirty~

have to leave early,because i have to attend a reunion dinner with my ex-university members..


xpitt said...

tahniah azrin!

sygnye aku x dapat tgk ko debut after 3 years...huhu

singbluesiliver said...

tq pitt,drift bodoh2 bole la hahaha