Sunday, November 14, 2010

smoke of a 9 ~

discussing this with Joe40c not long ago,about jzx90 the stock twin turbo enough to make the car happy tail swing?or u need atleast 400hp?

if u still remember this post,

Luke of Hashiriya Exports quoted that"For anyone that has ever owned a stock turbo JZX you would know these things are not smoke machine which you see all plastered onwer the internet, they are heavy cars and the standard turbos blow ass and have zero power after 5000rpm."
i myself own a jzx but in a different chassis,for all i know x9 is heavier than x8,IMHO power wise for daily usage is more than enough but im not sure during drifting... i know drift track oversea are more bigger so HP is definitely an issue..

maybe my buddy Ben Kunk and Hiro Sumida can help me with this?

p/s:~i do agree with Luke that standard turbos blow!~lol...

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