Sunday, November 21, 2010

leak leak leak~

i been delaying the waterpump issue for a while,im pretty bored having to refill the water everytime i make a stop~this end now!
its either this (rm150) or a new set of waterpump that cost almost rm2k huhuh..after ordering the seal,have to wait about 2 week for it to arrived from japan..
taking a feel~lol
the aftermath,look at the things that need to be removed before he can pull out the waterpump

removing the seal ain't easy,as the thing is old and fall apart piece by piece~

my mechanic told me that the shaft is rusted,and this might not work as the waterpump can still leak,i told him to go for it. luckily everything turn okay,if not im considering to change it to a non-hydrolic waterpump~which gonna cost me more ka ching! $$$ hahahah

there goes half of my Saturday sitting at the workshop,but it was well worth it~

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