Monday, November 29, 2010

Legend ~

my dream oem wheels the r33 gtr have arrived...long time waiting for this....17x9 offset +30 not much but it will do (i dont trust wheel spacer hahaha)~it came off a r32 gtr that was bought in from United kingdom..thanks bro Nain for selling it to me at a very2 reasonable price :)

also bought a pair of china tyres for the rear~

sample of x8 using the "legend" wheels

mark II


why i called it legend? IMHO this wheel is a favorite choices among drifter for spare usedall over the world,and if u look at yahoo auction japan the price is maintain around 60,000 yen~compare to a r34 gtr wheels


Temujin said...

congrats bro!

dun forget to sell me cheap2 after 6 mths aye..

and u owe me a frappucino up genting.. hehehe..

singbluesiliver said...

hehe after 6 month huhuhu

frappucino,sure thing bro :)