Saturday, November 13, 2010


working on saturday from 8a.m till 9p.m for this

1 Malaysia Music Marathon by the special children to be put in Malaysian Book of Records

the children came from different kind of special school around Malaysia.autism,deaf,blind,down syndrome and many more.

this girl is blind,but she play several song with the piano.

after sitting and watching all this great performances, made me realize that sometimes we forgot how lucky we are living in this world.things that we take for granted,while some people haven't got a chance to see,hear,talk,or even feel.lets be more grateful and appreciate life.

the part that touch me the most,is when a group of deaf children performing Michael Jackson - Heal the world using sign language.sorry,no actually video of it,phone too crappy~


Anonymous said...

Ya..i was there too. I was really impress and touched with their performance as well. Espcially of the deaf kids performance. - Umi Amira

singbluesiliver said...

hi Umi,which organization are u from?
and thanks for dropping by my lame blog