Wednesday, November 3, 2010

sunday morning activity

wake up early last week,to support Xpitt from Rattlezasia joining his first drift event at putrajaya
we just love stopping at petrol pump and taking picture hahaha
Xpitt driving Nick mz141..since this is a competition for novice
hillsidedancers joe40c doing some free run
not forgeting May and his blue cefiro~
and of course,the usual suspect~

although Xpitt didnt make it during qualifying round,we are still proud of him considering he didnt have his own car (it was stolen a few years back) and it took him a short time to adapt with Nick car.give him a few more round and he'll master it hehe

photo credit to Jom jom inai Jamil a.k.a May


xpitt said...

thanx bro azrin for your support and sorry for disappointing you guys...

singbluesiliver said...

ur welcome and better luck next time :)