Sunday, December 26, 2010

Chasing the R~

Saturday- got a sms from Temujin,inviting me for a Sunday Morning Drive,from Ulu Yam to Goh Tong Jaya..
since there's not gonna be anymore midnight uphill sometimes till this end of the year~
i say why i always wanted to experience the other way to the city of entertainment =)
the route map
7 a.m-so we meet up at Petronas Batu Caves (queuing to fill up NGV i see)
4 skyline, 1 fairlady, and a volvo...huhu this is gonna be hard to keep up~
hey~multicoloured thingy

so i choose to be the last car in the group~traffic is not too heavy considering its still early,compared to the "usual" route,the road here are much more wider,surface is good and there is a long stretch where u can just let it all out~one of the guys is going up to 220km/h...huhu i forgot im running with the GTR~as for me,110km/h is the max hahaha
almost an hour later we arrived at the destination,i got left behind and seems to lost my way LOL~ btw the speed bump at the police post is a Killer!

then we go have breakfast with the official drink for gathering session,the Teh Tarik~
its a cool place,i must say hehe

after long chit chat,its time to leave~

here is Azmir part of the story~

oh ya,aside from shitty car alignment and leak suspension,broken bodykit, the turbo starting to give up (halfway through,i notice the boost has drop to 0.5bar),and now power steering pump is officially f*ck up hahaha~after fixing all this im definitely gonna be back for round 2!


Temujin said...

Round 2 nanti ajak Joe skali..

Tapi make sure dia bawak jack, tak pun bawak crane pun boleh..


singbluesiliver said...

hahaha im sure he his reading this by now