Monday, December 20, 2010

cont. FD2010 Day Uno

18 dec 2010, Formula D-arrived in Dataran Merdeka around 2.00pm,to save time and money,we decided to ride our motorcycle there hehe~
the track layout is quite small,toward the last corner,its get more narrow and smaller,i seen a lot of cars lose their rear end =P
big screen that really helps alot
the loudest car of the day,thailand jzz30 soarer V8 inside

here some of the video i manage to take during the qualifying,u can see how tight the last corner is~
Daigo Saito with Team Hong Kong Aristo
A31 Skyfiro,Team Good Year Malaysia Michael Gan
yoong r32 v8

6.30 pm,end of day one~so hungry...
nasi lemak or "fat rice" LOL


Slappy said...

Michael Gan's run was awesome

singbluesiliver said...

yeah man,i was saying the same thing hehe