Monday, December 20, 2010

FD 2010 day two~

19 dec 2010, Formula D-sorry i didn't do much coverage on day 2,as the place was jammed pack with people~so picture or video is crap and useless-

2 of my favorite driver made in to the final,one is (u already know who) Daigo Saito and this guy~
D Koh kae of Thailand~
^^ yupe thats him~
i have a chance to speak with him during the autograph session,really nice and funny guy,
his car is a stock looking cefiro with no bodykit what so ever~
koh kae said its 1jz all standard~coming from Thailand,a country which is famous of modifying the JZ engine...i don't actually believe him lol...

so the result for Formula Drift Malaysia 2010 is
1st Daigo Saito
2nd Dkoh Kae
3rd Miki Ryuji

and overall champion for 2 years in a row is still Tengku Djan Ley~

i guess many agreed with me that the venue for this event sucked big time!no parking,traffic jam,small track and many more~last year Fd at Maeps serdang was way better~

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