Wednesday, December 15, 2010

getting ready~

so i went to checkout the practice session before the big event~
team Hong Kong are bringing in 3 cars Aristo, Supra and a Altezza that will be driven by Daigo Saito
but its look like 2 of their car are having problem,hope they can fix it in time~
the only car so far without a problem,
2jz t04z~yummie!estimated 600hp
Saito linking the entire track!
few hours later its Tengku Djan turns to do some practicing~seeing his crew setting up the car is just so cool and organized..
Djan street legal 180sx driven by an Indonesian Drifter
oh btw,a cap with Daigo Saito Signature on it,is just priceless hehehe


Slappy said...

So jealous you got to experience all that in person!

singbluesiliver said...

yeah bro,thanks to my friend,i got in because its a private session~finally i got to meet Daigo Saito in person hehe