Tuesday, December 14, 2010

here's Daigo

freedoms crew BurnBancer,reporting from USJ go-kart track just now..(aaa the wonders of blackrebby and BBM)
looks like Daigo Saito are doing some practice run with this red altezza that will be used on Formula Drift Malaysia this coming saturday..

too bad with he didn't bring the 800hp monster~


MelvinA31 said...

sorry bout me giving false info bout Daigo using an aristo...tats wat u heard...:)

used said...

tu daigo ker azrin? hehe sama jer..

singbluesiliver said...

mel - i think ur half correct la mel,Burn mention there is also an aristo but got engine problem :)

yus - hehehehe

Slappy said...

Awesome post for sure.

singbluesiliver said...

thanks slappy,i will post video later :)