Thursday, December 9, 2010

my review : KLIMS 10

Tuesday 7th of december 2010,is a beginning of a new year in Islamic calendar.thus making it a public holiday~time is 1.30pm, my friends and i decided to go to Kuala Lumpur International Motorshow KLIMS 2010. traffic was pretty heavy that day,and finding a parking wasn't an easy task~

hey its Man~ apparently he is also going to the same place~
1 freaking hour later,we arrived here~dude!my house is so near this place,on a normal day it just took 15minute to get there~
entrance is not free,weekend and public holiday,the ticket is rm20!!
the sea of people~i think it should be call Kuala Lumpur People show becoz i cant hardly see or take picture of the car that was on display, it was blocked mostly..
M7 Japan showcasing this r35 GTR
some product by them, one meter cost about rm800~crazy man~
mostly the car there is a concept and some are made of clay.others its just regular cars u see on the road~
they said the biggest attraction of KLIMS 2010 is the Chevrolet Camaro
which later transform into a robot name bumble bee~not!

and the best of all is
also the joke of the day~replica of the Batmobile made by secondary school student~some more u charge people money just to take picture with it??whatthefuck!
Toyota FT HS kinda look like the FT 86 but its a hybrid~
aaaaa im in love with this,Lexus IS250 is just so awesome!
spotted this w123 outside the place,nice~

honestly im really disappointed,there is nothing interesting about it,even big company like Audi,BMW,Mercedes, and VW are not participating~unlike the previous years,where they have so many cool cars and they give u alot of goodie bags..if ur thinking of going and don't mind paying rm15-20 for the ticket,be my guess..because i would rather used that money to eat or fill up petrol for my car...such a waste of time and money :P

finally,i think the best word to describe the KLIMS 2010, PATHETIC!


Temujin said...

Aku dah agak dah since a friend posted the pic of the stupid cardboard Tumbler.. Bodoh sial.. siap klims buat promo ada keta batman plak tuh..

I kinda expected the huge crowd especially during weekends and public holidays, lagi la aku tanak pegi.

Model2 kat situ pun bukannye cun.. hahahahahahahaha

H a n G a r a j said...

hahaha....we've been rob by KLIMS'10

singbluesiliver said...

tem - gila hina siot batmobile tu,siap aku nampak ade tayar trolley kecik kat bwh tu hahahha..mcm pokemon la international pekejadah nye..

cube ko explain kat aku,ape purpose nye company air delcol bukak booth kat situ??hahaha~

model pon biasa2 je,kalau setakat nak tgk mcm tu baik aku duduk kat luar kelab2 kat kl ni je~free xkena bayar hahahaha...

hans - yupe agree 100% with ya