Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Take note~ cheater detected!

to those who are thinking of going to Formula Drift Malaysia this weekend and would like to purchase the cheapest of rm22,there is a rm4 addition charges for the ticket fee ,making the total of rm26 for one ticket~farking bastard... u can at least add the total up before u go mentioning the price is rm22~that way i don't feel upset or cheated~.... for some rm4 isn't a big deal but if u looked at the bigger picture rm26 is quite alot..that is equivalent to 26 glasses of lemonade for 26 days, or 2 days set of breakfast,lunch and dinner bro~..
let me do a little breakdown,
fuel- rm10,
toll - rm5 (going and back),
parking fee - rm5,
drinks and food is definitely gonna be expensive lets say - rm10 ..
total rm30 x 2 days (saturday and sunday)
= rm60 + rm26 for ticket,that make a total of rm86~see?
all just to watch live drifting action under a hot sun...how many time must i remind myself~im cheap laaaaa bro.....

the lowest ticket that been sold on the day of the event cost rm34~WTF wei!


Amar Gencos said...

Ape susah, tak payah g la. Cam aku. Hehehe. Buang masa je. Tunggu kat TV je kua nanti. Tiket mahal sangat. Dahla panas..

TAPI kalau dapat media pass aku pegi kekekeke.

singbluesiliver said...

dah terbeli tiket..pegi beramai-ramai dgn geng bukit~seronok skit~