Thursday, January 6, 2011


7 Jan - 1.00a.m, as i was riding my motorcycle on the way back from Ampang, got into an accident with a Ford Ranger.apparently the asshole did a last minute turn to the left without noticing i'm on the side.stumble on the road,the motherfucker didn't stop and drive away!!and i didn't get his car registration number~ !@#$%^&

nothing serious though,just a few cuts and bruise.
damn,need to get motorcycle fixed...


H a n G a r a j said...

sorie for u bro...this is wat i'm worried next mod is exhaust...i'm believe lOud pipe save life...hehehe

singbluesiliver said...

thanks bro :)
LOL! i wonder where i see that quote before hehehehe

pdot said...

memang puaka n bastard
farking shiyt