Saturday, January 1, 2011

welcoming 2011

how fast time fly~i always told myself that everytime new year arrived,dont know what 2011 will bring but one thing for sure that im not so young anymore LOL~27 years old to be exact =)
resolution? cant think of one~so many thing to accomplished so little time..but im working on it..
i bet this year will be more challenging for me,as im trying to continue my study~we shall see about that. as for Jyu,i will keep on rebuilding it,only slower this time,due to budget constraint huhu..

ok,moving on
still awaiting its turn for a new colour~
last night bbq session at 23 Auto Garage~good food,good company,good time!

~on behalf of the freedoms crew, im wishing u all a very happy new year!
lets all hope for a better year!


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