Monday, February 7, 2011

the evil in war gon

a little history on this vehicle~
its a 1974 Toyota KE35 4 door wagon
Eez bought it last year from an uncle in first he didn't want to sell it to him because the car is already booked by somebody else..after convincing the owner,on how serious he was about wanting the car..
i guess u already know right~
stock to the bone
rust is everywhere~but as a owner of a garage that is specialize in custom bodywork and car restoration it wouldn't be a problem..
this build is kinda slow and time consuming as Eez is focusing on his customer cars first..
as u can see the r32 subframe is up,new tube frame and floor pan is in process.
close up of an awesome job been done~
the B pillar is cut out as this war-gon will be transform into a 2 door..
about its heart,Eez is still considering on either a 6 cyclinder or 3 rotor..
so which do u guys prefer?

honestly i'm really excited to see how it end up!
well thats all the update that i got for u now~so stay tuned!

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