Wednesday, February 9, 2011

i love is...

250 is in my wishlist along side the other Toyota sedans ~lol
ings version
how could u not like the behind?

p/s:-to my buddy,Pdot instead of buying the overrated Honda civic fd2~i beg of u plz buy this car so that i can borrow it over the weekend and pretend like it was mine LOL~


pdot said...


ni anatara langit & bumi ni
bila ko compare IS250 dgn FD2

kalu aku beli mmg kompom aku x mkn nasik mkn la daun ke kn

singbluesiliver said...

alang2~bukan hari2 beli kete hehehe~kat mudah ade rm160k..baguih la makan daun,diet seimbang hahahaha

bos ko jadi amik x is250 tu?

Temujin said...

Although I still think Hondas are shitty cars, the FD2 is a formidable foe up and down the touge..

Of course it requires a superbly kamikaze driver to ,ake the thing work lah.. Lesser mortal drivers need not apply..

And Toyotas don't cut it lah bro..

Unless it's a 2JZ in a JZA80.. lol

singbluesiliver said...

hahaha this friend of mine only wanna go for cruising la bro hehe~there are too many FD2 and FD2R wannabe on the road now~is250 is not something that u see everyday hehe

but i agree with u about how good the honda on the touge~i remember one of dcm member with a 450hp something Bluebird 910 got killed in downhill touge by FD2 and DC5 at GTH few years back :)
no worry only the car that is totalled,owner is still alive hehe