Thursday, March 31, 2011

I'm Killing it

indeed it does!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

So a Win

some might notice i posted a pic in my FB that i claimed to be my spare big win kit..
well~i lied hahaha...its not mine,its actually for Bandi Soarer Mz141
mock up~
nice~this is where the previous owner (nick) failed to accomplished hehehe
noticed the rollcage~its from an Evo III
and its hard to imagine that this car started its life as Corona TT141..
if only the engine was 1jz instead of a rb20det huhu..someday
Bandi actually own a paint shop~so this going to be done sooner than u think hehe

box in a box

fuse box inside a glove box

noise maker jzz30

vertex kit,bn sport gt wing,1.5j T78...

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Silversun Pickups

Panic Switch is the title of the song for Sucker Punch ost

and btw
demn~ 23 years old Emily Browning is so cute!

must go watch this movie!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

heroes in 90

no offences x90 owners in Boleh Land,IMHO i haven't yet to see one single x90 here that is really-really nice..

here is one example thats in my list (except for the colour~)
Bn Sport type II is must
someday if God permit,i'll own one and show u guys how its done :)
Bn Sport jzx90 demo car

5ive fai five?

congratulation to Ser Ming Hui a.k.a Ah Fai with 180sx 1.5j for winning the Fx Open Drift Challenge and taking home the prize money of rm100k~

2nd is Tengku Djan
3rd Hashiguti

Dee Max Mel~

as requested here is some more picture of melvin's cefiro
no more 17~
as he is rolling with 18
at a local drift event in Penang~go BRO HAHAHA

george bush

fixing the exhaust,also taking my sweet time figuring out how to install the gx81 anti roll bar~
30 minute later,still no idea~hahaha...decided to leave it that way...
exhaust bushing is out of service..
grind off some excessive length on my blitz air filter~
wanna cut it a little more shorter,then laziness strike~so that will do LOL
there goes my sunday~
tomorrow is the first day of work after a 2 week course huhu....blergh

black surrounding

Azri Musa jzx90

Saturday, March 26, 2011

turtled tony

tony angelo at fx open drift challenge~

Long sleep

12 midnite we gather and ready for the long awaited uphill drive..
Jyu first outing after sitting at home for 3 month..
accompanied by all nissan gang 4 cefiro,2 bluebird 910 and 180sx..
im the only toyota hahaha
May checking out the ground clearance and comparing to his car LOL
bro's bro
first stop after touge runs
f*ck up rear tire,wet slippery road and overtaking tons of lorry didn't make it easier...
jyu was making tons of smoke~a sign that the twin is beyond saving and im not ready for a single turbo conversion yet issue huhuhu
second stop at the gateway to the city of entertainment~
around 2am as we continuing our climb,shit happen...
one our member was drifting all the way and slide into the wall..luckily the car didn't went into the drain..and its in the same spot as the previous accident..hmmm spooky maybe??
the front part was badly damage so we decided to fix the car on the spot
(its was freaking cold btw!!)
we were kinda blessed to have such amazingly awesome friends to help out!
time is almost 6am,were done and ready to go back home..its seems everybody was tired and sleepy..
stop for an early breakfast at McD
as i was on the way home,the car radio went dead and the exhaust fell down on the road~motherf*cker LOL!!all at the same time~i just tie em up with zip-ties for the moment 8.45am finally reach home,park the car and sleep~

couple hours later,its 7pm,i just wake up~
so this is good morning to all :P

Thursday, March 24, 2011

simple calculation

city of KL
Speedcity KL, new drift spot after Mardi/Maeps was officially dead
this weekend
Fx Open Drift Challenge 26-27 March 2011

Be Strong!

where my heart is

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Alexi @ 1jz meeting

to the right!

haha more colour inspired!

credit to Doug the ultimate finder

Monday, March 21, 2011

Penang shore

with Mel

out for 10 days

been MIA for while,currently attending a work course from 15th - 24th March.
the funny thing is the place is like 10minute from my place..
one of the session during the class..

supra on ur feet

this design never gets old~nike air force look,
like the one we see Michael J. Fox wear in Back to the Future II

Thursday, March 17, 2011

model 5ive

aaaa i miss my old wheels

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

chaser save life!

recent video of tsunami disaster in Japan..
watch minute 4:55 an old lady survived inside the x100~
pray for Japan!

Monday, March 14, 2011


no more the front is higher issue

tein the drama king...

Sunday,decided to do something i been pending for a ages already~
changing this bastard~ tein is 5mm and jic is around 10mm

while im on the subject,i install the r33 wheels
offset +30 is weak~as much as i hate spacer, the rear seriously need it..looks like a pussy without it...
the front look nice though...
the joy didn't last
another tein drama~just like before....wheels cant clear the suspension..

so i head over to joe40c house and borrow his 10mm slip on home,put the wheels on,only to find out i cant lock the out of stud,thanks to the spacer~madefarkers!!
shit..i got fed up and decided the super advan will stay and the r33 will be use as spare...
done for the day...
gonna ditch the 225/45 and use 215/45 all round instead after this~
oh btw,damn!! i like jyu colour hahahaha

Ipin 12 march

went to Kuala Selangor last saturday attending freedoms-crew Ipin wedding~congrats from all us!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Friends in Japan

"hope u guys are okay and stay safe,our prayers are with u.."


Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Wagon Cres

talk of the town is mostly about ke70 wagon,here is something cooler
a cressida wagon
watanakbeb looks good on this
i rarely seen this kinda restore beauty on the Malaysian roads~