Wednesday, March 2, 2011

For Sale :Garrett Gt3082r

Good days Folks as mention above i wanna sell my turbo~ (too lazy to write...cut n paste)
Garrett GT30 Turbo ball bearing.
Ar 70 compressor housing. 4 inch in and 2.5 inch out.
compressor wheel spec. Ind 61.2mm / Exd 82mm.
Ar 1.06 Turbine housing T3 flange, external wastegate
Turbine housing spec. Ind 60mm / Exd 55mm
Hp rating 500 to 650.
I bought it from a friend in Brunei,previously been used on 3s-gte MR2,after that it's been serviced and sold to i haven't install to my car yet..
reason for selling: downgrade

Price: RM3500nego
interested plz call/sms me at 012-6680474 Azrin
Location KL/Kajang
(for sale in Malaysia Only...sorry guys)


Thomas Van said...

man i really want this!
cant afford it though...

singbluesiliver said...

i thought turbine are more cheaper at ur place?
btw i needed the money to fund my study,so this have got to go~huhuhu