Saturday, March 26, 2011

Long sleep

12 midnite we gather and ready for the long awaited uphill drive..
Jyu first outing after sitting at home for 3 month..
accompanied by all nissan gang 4 cefiro,2 bluebird 910 and 180sx..
im the only toyota hahaha
May checking out the ground clearance and comparing to his car LOL
bro's bro
first stop after touge runs
f*ck up rear tire,wet slippery road and overtaking tons of lorry didn't make it easier...
jyu was making tons of smoke~a sign that the twin is beyond saving and im not ready for a single turbo conversion yet issue huhuhu
second stop at the gateway to the city of entertainment~
around 2am as we continuing our climb,shit happen...
one our member was drifting all the way and slide into the wall..luckily the car didn't went into the drain..and its in the same spot as the previous accident..hmmm spooky maybe??
the front part was badly damage so we decided to fix the car on the spot
(its was freaking cold btw!!)
we were kinda blessed to have such amazingly awesome friends to help out!
time is almost 6am,were done and ready to go back home..its seems everybody was tired and sleepy..
stop for an early breakfast at McD
as i was on the way home,the car radio went dead and the exhaust fell down on the road~motherf*cker LOL!!all at the same time~i just tie em up with zip-ties for the moment 8.45am finally reach home,park the car and sleep~

couple hours later,its 7pm,i just wake up~
so this is good morning to all :P

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