Saturday, April 30, 2011

A Must watch~

im all about movie this weekend
i download this Korean movie, 71 Into The Fire its based on a true story set in 1950,where the war started when North Korea try to invade South Korea, and 71 school student have been called to protect their land from North Korea. hands down to the superb effect during the combat scene,feel like im watching an American movies.
then i went to the cinema yesterday,my main focus was Fast 5,since the show only start at 11.40pm,and i have plenty of time so i decided to watch Thor first.
Just like Hulk and Iron Man,this movie is a part of the upcoming Marvel Comics Avengers movie.
The movies tell a story of Thor,the god of thunder and how he was banished to earth by his father, Odin. he later meet up with a scientist "Jane Foster" that help him to get his power back and return to where he belong.Oh Natalie Portman! hehe
btw next on the line is Captain America : The First Avengers
yeah,Brian and Dominic Toretto is back,with the bunch of cast from the previous movies.
this time around the crew reunited as their trying to rob from the biggest drug king in Brazil.
by far this the best Fast n Furious ever! not focusing much on cars but be sure to look out on some interesting car like the Prince Kpgc10,Lexus LFA and the R35 Skyline.
towards the end of the movies,there is an extra scene,a possible FnF 6 maybe?

Thursday, April 28, 2011

red sport car

bn sport, work meister, 1.5j, HKS Cams, TO4r

more pic at

Technical : Jz Torque spec

Thanks to the person who upload it and google


never a fan of RG thingy,but this i have to make an exception

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

the path~

jzx81 ftw!

ignore the previous posting about me selling the car,even if hachijyu is sold, i will still be blogging and i ain't gonna lie,sooner or later i still have to do this, so its better that i start now..
until there is a genuine buyer,the modification will continue as usual..

thanks for the support u guys have been giving me and freedom-spec for these 3 wonderful years

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

for sale Rm45k~

something just struck me yesterday~
im thinking of selling my car..
reason :i need money,no time,plus im focusing on other things in life

1993 Toyota Mark II LX80
gte from jzx81 chaser
r154 manual gearbox
Gtr r34 intercooler

HKS 44mm wastegate
Custom made battery box
Blitz air filter
GX81 IRS Subframe (ratio 4:1 welded diff)
front Nissan 4 pot / rear Nissan 2 pot with custom jzx90 disc
Tein HA with Swift Spring (12kg f / 10kg r)
custom made 1inch thick RCA
Super Advan 17x9 offset +19
jzx81 mark II facelift and rear light
bn sport front bumper / big win side skirt and rear bumper
fiber front hood (unknown brand)
modified bmw e30 spoiler
accord sm4/cb7 roof spoiler
nardi 14inch steering wheel
apexi boost meter EL2 (black face)
razo gear knob
kenwood mp3 player
full bucket seat / subaru imprezza seat for passenger
just painted the car early 2011,cost almost rm4k

i will even give u a spare
jzx81 front hood
a set of door (4pcs)
a set of JIC adjustable (just need servicing)
1jz twin turbo (just need servicing)
a stock gx81 intercooler

i know the price is insane..heck,if u really interested,i will also throw in something special~
price is rm45k nego abit
(everything u need to know about the car is here in this blog,from the day i bought it, to all its restoration and mods.

important note :
this is not an urgent sale,if no buyer than its okay,i'll keep and continue to mod it
(so don't push ur luck),
no time wasters,
no joyride,
keep your negative comment to urself

interested plz call or sms me at : 01two 6six8zero4seven4 Azrin
location : Kuala Lumpur



still under construction~

Monday, April 25, 2011


Sunday, April 24, 2011


im gonna start this post with a picture of the proud ex-owner Nick~wth!hahaha
yeah u read it right,toyota soarer 4 door~fresh from the oven
super mean!
bloody nice with the "big win"..this car qualify to be hachijyu clone hahaha
like neyo said it "only one in the world"
Bandi is not done yet,more to come

snow white?

thats what the owner call its bulubird 2 door coupe~LOL

loitering sunday

Spend the entire day at Bandi paint shop~
a few interesting FR cars inside his place,like this lancer A174
s15 with super advan version 2 wheel
cefiro with TE37 wannabe
love the concaveness
3 is enough for a bulubird partey~
also went for a short drive in Ulu yam with amat dx,discover an interesting place for time hehe
brenco crusing back with his bulubird that was nicknamed "snow white"LOL
cendol anyone??
as for dinner a spanking hot sizzling chicken chop!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

forever young

the td06 25g is as good as new now and i got myself a 1jz china brand manifold (need to modify the flange from T4 to Triangle shape)

single turbo project quick check up
- turbo /ok
- manifold /ok
- fuel regulator /ok
-440cc injector /ok
- piggyback /hopefully still ok long time didn't use it
44mm wastegate / ok

one thing missing is the money~
im broke again...
planning to get it done by July..

April 2011~

its almost end of crazy working month~
finally i can sit down and relax on the weekend with my friends
im going RC drifting??
yesterday simple lunch
rice, special fried chicken,vegetable and curry!

Friday, April 22, 2011


yes its confirm
there will be a sequel to tron : legacy

really looking forward to this! oh olivia wilde hehe
source date April 10 2011

Wednesday, April 20, 2011



dream are weird~

especially when it involved a red car

i'm dead sure my next car will be red hehe

the 100 invasion

Zul jzx100 chaser just arrived at the port

its always good to see more and more x100 on the Malaysian road.i heard there a couple of more of it coming in June~

as for me?i will still rocking the x8!


took a day off from a work today,haven't decided on what to do,
i went to Tong Turbo to sent my td-06 25g for a major service
the damage~everything internal will be replace,only be using back the housing,luckily this is a bush type of turbine..but still costly $$$ huhuhu

Tong ask me why i like the td-06 25g turbo so much,for some reason i just kinda clicked with 1jz =)
turbo heaven~its all here,everything from the smallest to the size of a basketball..
manage to check out Malaysian made turbo manifold brand "Tonkka"
honestly,the material quality and the fabrication work is damn impressive compare to a crappy china made but considering the price around rm2k,china made will do for me,price is 3 times cheaper compare to "Tonkka" huhuhu
seen and heard few cases of top brand manifold like example "hks" cracked..
I think this is basically pure luck and a question of sooner or later..

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

photo of the day : 50 fifty


Monday, April 18, 2011

blinking red light~

im sure all of u are familiar with Ultraman,at the end of every battle,the light on his chest turns red and blinking,as a sign of he's run out energy,same goes with me.haha..
i have been working all day and night over the last weekend for a charity bazaar organized by my office to collect fund and to be donated to the needy hospital in Malaysia~
its a 2 day event on 16 and 17 April 2011
the bazaar consist of 41 Embassies exhibition, cultural performances,education fair, food showcase and Malaysia fair~
speaking of food, here is my lunch on Saturday,
Arab rice with lamb kebab..the meat is so tender~very delicious,worth my rm14 ^^hehe
the Palestine embassy are giving out a small book in title "Palestine in Brief"
Yasser Arafat,gone but never forgotten..
Kazakhstan chicks hehehe~
and on sunday,i try Japanese food,
can't remember the name of the rice with salmon and cucumber though~
price is also rm14~

finally to my bosses,let's not do it again next year....hahaha

Sunday, April 17, 2011

"The Best in the world~"

Alexi doing the Jeremy Clarkson impersonation during the drive for 1jz meeting at Fuji Speedway~hahaha


a boo moon!

off topic
today i asked one of my boss if he wanted to sell his r33 4 doors with rb25n/a..
he then sarcastically called me crazy and asked me back if i have rm85k~

first of all, i was only trying to create a conversion~
secondly if i have rm85k,i wouldn't even consider buying ur dead stock Piece Of Shit!!~
my POS is waaaaaaaaayyyy cooler than yours...sigh
honestly i really like skyline, i just hate their owners and does arrogant,pride,asshole-ness comes as a package when owning this so call nissan skyline?
then again FUCK YOU
-the end-

Friday, April 15, 2011

cut in half

this is how i got my Bn sport front Bumper~

pink monster

still ultimate

Thursday, April 14, 2011


Wan Johan S15
with a twist~hmmm

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


yeah,i admit 10 years ago i'm used to be called these days as "mat rempit"
now i'm just a regular guy riding his motorcycle to work and night class~
and lately i always thinking about getting a i can get there faster..LOL

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Neko Dwift

wheel spins?too much cat power?who said cat cant dwift??LOL

aaaa R.I.P Karim...

stealth phantom

so nice yet so scary~hahaha

speaking of BMW,check out this build