Sunday, April 3, 2011

Biggie and Pac?

i supposed to change the rear suspension back to JIC yesterday..i drove all the way to pick it up from my parent home in Kajang to my place in KL..removed the kit,backseat,jack up the car only to discover i didn't have enough tools..maaaaderrfarker!
considering that i have to work at 6pm (take note its Sunday...urgh) i postponed it till next week,packed up and start the car,guess wont start..after checking all the necessary thing,
i try again..everything was okay,it start ok~then i noticed the "engine check light" went blinking on and off a couple of time..5 minute running,engine went into subaru imprezza version 8 boxer mode and revving stuck at 2000rpm...later it when dead again for good..
haven't got a decent time to properly check the problem and Joe40c will be coming tomorrow~
i have a feeling that its the ECU..we'll see if im right or wrong hahaha

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