Monday, April 18, 2011

blinking red light~

im sure all of u are familiar with Ultraman,at the end of every battle,the light on his chest turns red and blinking,as a sign of he's run out energy,same goes with me.haha..
i have been working all day and night over the last weekend for a charity bazaar organized by my office to collect fund and to be donated to the needy hospital in Malaysia~
its a 2 day event on 16 and 17 April 2011
the bazaar consist of 41 Embassies exhibition, cultural performances,education fair, food showcase and Malaysia fair~
speaking of food, here is my lunch on Saturday,
Arab rice with lamb kebab..the meat is so tender~very delicious,worth my rm14 ^^hehe
the Palestine embassy are giving out a small book in title "Palestine in Brief"
Yasser Arafat,gone but never forgotten..
Kazakhstan chicks hehehe~
and on sunday,i try Japanese food,
can't remember the name of the rice with salmon and cucumber though~
price is also rm14~

finally to my bosses,let's not do it again next year....hahaha

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