Sunday, April 10, 2011

part 2: Biggie and Pac?

just as i suspected,a fry capacitor!~
ask my dad to help me repaired the ECU,plug in back,and start..idling went wacko~
i already pull out the battery terminal to reset the ECU setting,also wanna change the spark plug but then again~its sunday!!all the shop are closed beside raining cat n dog just isn't helping..
i hope that will settle the idling issue,
honestly im on my last nerves with the stock jzx81 ECU..
after the single turbo conversion is done,im definitely gonna save me some money again and buy me a stand alone management (within another 4 year maybe hahaha)


Marco said...

Bad capacitors does seem to happy a lot with 1JZ ECUs. Good luck!

singbluesiliver said...

LOL yeah,its the second time i encounter this problem hehe