Wednesday, April 20, 2011


took a day off from a work today,haven't decided on what to do,
i went to Tong Turbo to sent my td-06 25g for a major service
the damage~everything internal will be replace,only be using back the housing,luckily this is a bush type of turbine..but still costly $$$ huhuhu

Tong ask me why i like the td-06 25g turbo so much,for some reason i just kinda clicked with 1jz =)
turbo heaven~its all here,everything from the smallest to the size of a basketball..
manage to check out Malaysian made turbo manifold brand "Tonkka"
honestly,the material quality and the fabrication work is damn impressive compare to a crappy china made but considering the price around rm2k,china made will do for me,price is 3 times cheaper compare to "Tonkka" huhuhu
seen and heard few cases of top brand manifold like example "hks" cracked..
I think this is basically pure luck and a question of sooner or later..

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