Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Rich Bear

i think Nobushige Kumakubo of Team Orange is by far the richest drifter in the world,
he got his own Driftland (Ebisu) that got 9 race track complete with a theme park,safari and a hotel!
he also famous for converting 4wd cars into drift machine,mostly imprezza and evo~
this year is a little bit different,im sure all already know,its a 1993 nissan laurel c33
weird~while other D1 drifters like Tezuka,Kunnyz, and Tanaka are getting a newer models,kumakubo is taking a step back...hmmm~anyway here is the picture of his c33 taken from his blog
like all of Kumakubo rides,this laurel is built by Koyama of Jun
Rb26det with Greddy T88 34D,estimating 1000hp! woah nelly~
im diggin it~but loose the diffuser please..plus 4 door FTW!..

im guessing only Kumakubo have the answer why he choose the car,
honestly i really hope someone will bring back the jzx81 into the D1GP scene~that would be something to dream about hahaha..

btw checkout powervehicles to see Ebisu getting ready for re-opening after the tsunami

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