Friday, April 1, 2011

where is my mind?

yesterday class was cancelled,so i went to times square to watch Sucker Punch.
*the plot - (warning spoiler content alert)
seriously i was blown a way with the CG,its so cool!kinda remind me of The Matrix~
the part where Baby Doll is fighting the giant samurai is my favorite..
the director sure know how to pick the cast..i like amber (Jamie Chung) hehe

a part of from an interesting plot,Matrix style fight scene,awesome computer graphic and hot chicks
this movie also have a bitching soundtrack! and yes Emily Browning can sing~

i give the movie 4 out of 5!
go watch it if u haven' sure worth my time and Rm
sucker punch rocks!


pdot said...

wei g dgn sape? apsal x ajak aku? gile lama aku x tgk movi
nextime ajk aku

singbluesiliver said...

aku pegi sorang,balik keje pukul 6~terus shoot pegi time square,movie start pukul 6.40 hehehe

aaaa petang ni 6.40 mcm nak pegi tgk wayang lagi hehe