Tuesday, May 3, 2011

East Coast Trip

Sunday - 1st May 2011,labour day~the original plan is only to attend a friend wedding ceremony at Temerloh, Pahang
the last time i went to Pahang was about 3 years ago..while searching for an x8
interesting signboard,the sign said motorcycle workshop but it is a grocery shop LOL
quick stop at the beautiful Kuantan mosque
spotted a nice datsun 510
what's Kuantan,without going to beach at Teluk Cempedak
the lovely beach
other activity
we then head over to Kerteh ,to take picture-the light u see is the Petronas Oil Refinery
its almost 12 midnight,we are damn hungry! so hungry that i forgot to take picture of the meals we having~
last stop for the night,a cheap hotel in Kemaman,since all the other place in town is fully booked~
The next morning we met up with my friend Yat Cefiro, who happen to worked in Kemaman, he bring us to an old stall that is famous for it's "Roti Tempayan"
Roti Tempayan is basically like the Naan bread but the special tick gravy of the curry and chicken here make a whole lot different.
Since Yat worked at Peugoet,he is kind enough to let us test drive the new Peugoet 3008 =)
considering its big body,the 1.6cc turbo engine did a good job delivering the power..
on the way back we stop to buy Sata
its really delicious,hmmm why im feeling this is turning into a food blog LOL

we left Kemaman around 12.00pm, 2 hours later we stop at Temerloh for lunch
Temerloh is famous for its delicacy of "Ikan Patin" or freshwater "CatFish"
here is my lunch, sizzling mee~not bad,or maybe because im hungry..hmmm hehe
traffic is building up at the Karak highway,reach home around 6pm and straight to work huhu

its have been so much fun,
thanks to Iz,Pdot and Yat
looking forward for another road trip like this again!


pandapirates said...

food and beach look amazing man, im jealous haha

singbluesiliver said...

maybe u should come and visit Malaysia hehe

pandapirates said...

ya id like to, i wana go all over south east asia.. I was closehaha.. i went to thailand

singbluesiliver said...

haha maybe someday :)