Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Interlagos Blue

from BMW is the colour code that Keith choose
fark! i in love all over again
he said he gonna stick with the rear light~yeah keeping with cressida originality
highest respect to Keith and his build~this is among my favorite x8 ever
over 432hp waiting to be unleashed
Car drives great, just feels more peaky with the cams (even though it's not). It actually makes me drive it better by being more aggressive. More throwing the car and clutch kicks. Yay. I know it's not the prettiest thing in the world but I don't know why more people aren't driving these cars (preaching to the choir here). It initiates and controls in drift so nicely. Stance coilovers and SerialNine suspension parts totally change it - and I still have a lot more to expand on.- Keith / loose seal

see it all over again at


H a n G a r a j said...

wohoOo....awesome ride..!!

pandapirates said...

super hot car

singbluesiliver said...

yeah,check up the insane build at jzxproject,very detail!

Anonymous said...

followed his build on ziptied... the car pushing out 432HP.. thats sick.. The car so awesome,it didnt get the mandatory hate of every states side forum..

zyfull said...
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zyfull said...

i think blue or red suit the lx80 to white or dark colour since from my point of view car will look tall..juz my 39cent..