Monday, May 16, 2011

the love hate relationship

yesterday, driving around with Megat's ECU that i borrow earlier, not much a different compare to mine,engine revving stall at 3000-4000 rpm and cant reach full boost~like something holding it back..not to mention high consumption of fuel huhu
the next day, i bring the car over to Jepp's hill garage place,seeking his help and advice,after changing another set of plug,the result is still the same,then Jepp told me to check Map sensor. since joe40c already relocated most of the things inside the car, i found out the air hose connected to the Map sensor is struck between fuse box igniter, cable and wire,
guess i overlooked it when uninstalling the glove box to reach for the ECU
(FIY jzx81 ECU is located inside the dashboard,above the glove box)
fix it up and BAM! its all good and back to normal haha =P

i tell ya,3 years and this car have never failed to surprise me~
im learning new things every freaking time...
hence,i still love it! because i rebuild it from scratch =)
i always tell myself, i suck at fixing things but sometimes i think i did a good job~LOL!

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