Monday, July 4, 2011

for sale : ilostcounthowmanycarhehave4sale~

from powervehicles :- Daigo Saito is selling his JZX90 Cresta. The price is now down to 2,150,000 FOB since we last spoke to him at Autosalon about this machine.

Spec highlights are:

All new paint
Hey man Extended Lower Arms
Hey Man Knuckles
Mega Roll Cage
Power FC
Trust TD07 Kit
1.5 J (2JZ Block, 1JZ Head)
Normal 5 Speed
BN Aero
JZX100 Chaser Face
Koyo Rad
Bride Seats
D-West Rear Member
Cusco Front Uppers, all adjustable Rear Arms

Offcourse has aftermarket LSD, Clutch etc
The trademark "Red" with chaser x100 facelift
rear is still a cresta x90
only the important things that matter~
the selling point picture~
it seem every cars that he touch turns into a monster hehe

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