Monday, August 29, 2011

Raya Wishes!

Freedom-spec /crew would like to wish all our muslim reader a Happy Eid Mubarak/ Selamat Hari Raya!
i also like to take this opportunity to ask forgiveness for the all wrong doing that i done all year long (if i have done any hehe)

stay safe and regards

Sunday, August 28, 2011

ARR Auto Service

since i was in Banting area last week,i decided to visit the Sepang guys official x8 workshop
located in Salak Tinggi, Sepang ARR Auto Services is a workshop that is a specialist in Toyota X8 model,from a regular maintaining,modification or even an engine conversion.
some of the customer cars
i even found my speaker cover replacement while i was there..
hehe thanks Watt!

for question or inquiry,u can call Watt at 012-6777641

cars hunting

Sorry for the lack of update~
i have been on early "Raya" holiday starting from 24th August till 4th September 2011

so here a some picture of 4 doors toyota~
Amat Rattlezasia Ke70 DX have been hibernating for quite sometime now~
and yupe its for sale
x8 Mark II in my house area in Kajang,judging by the all brown interior,a digital dash and still using an axle,i suspected the engine is a 1G
in Banting town,spotted a frameless x8 Mark II with big win bodykit~and no its not for sale haha :P

and finally
Bandi 4 door soarer is ready for the next drift competition in the month September

Saturday, August 27, 2011


31 August 2011
Happy 54th Independence Day Malaysia!

no matter what happen,i love my country!

Monday, August 22, 2011


a reminder of why i fallen in love with this model in the first place


finally the sm4 is out of workshop~
with a new colour (notice the super blackedvan as well hehe)
next gonna refurbish the interior and give it back to my oldman =D

Sunday, August 21, 2011

a meet in KL

Friday -19th August 12a.m
got an info from my fellow x8 owner,there's a gathering going down at Dataran Merdeka
once arrived,it was raining heavily and most of the guys decided to just stay inside the car
a total of eight x8, four x9 and a Verossa show up that night
we then headed to Bangsar food court for the drinks and talk kok sing song session LOL
the last time i meet these guys was last year i think

after the rain stopped~we went back to Dataran Merdeka
Hey! why this car colour scheme look so familiar :P
remember white car,red wheels? hahahha
parked on the side of the road,we flooded the area with 4 door love~
its funny seeing the face of the people passing by~the look of trying to figure out what sort of car this is hehe
can u spot nick of rattlezasia in this picture?
Padil x8
if jyu was red,it would look like Emon car :)
lonely~as the other x90 gang was parked on the other side
nick was laughing and shouting "Azrin~look its ur car!~" haha
since this car came with KAAZ 2way LSD, the owner didn't shy to show some burnout and tail sliding on the wet road hehe
2a.m- its time to part and until the next meet guys!

*sorry,no picture of the only Verossa in Boleh Land and others x90~
i forgot huhuhu

Friday, August 19, 2011

gee 7

Panasport G-7...WIN

6ixty 5ive

Thursday, August 18, 2011


line up

credit to Demang

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

1st August~

a direct translation from google~ dont quite understand some of the meaning :P
Tezuka mention 1st August is x81 day~so lets make it official shall we!
don't know if this a new picture or the old one..nevertheless enjoy it
coz i know we all miss it
more please!
"81 what causes the resurrection? i took a lot of time"
^^ could it be the comeback of this legend?
uncertainty huhu

Monday, August 15, 2011

Yearly event~

we decided to continue the tradition, last Sunday (14 August 2011) at the same place~
chill + relax = chillax?
last year we have the catering guys doing the Barbecue~
this time we did it our self
Mouth watering Lamb, Beef and Chicken~nyum

Special shout out to my co-organizer for making this event a successful one~
Nick and Amat Dx of Rattlezasia, Ita, Amy, Jai, Megat, Aiyeen and to all those who have come..
until next year =)

all Hail!


Handsome IS

am i correct?

Saturday, August 13, 2011


Not McD Grill Chicken Burger okay~

Club Loose: East Coast Bash 2011 from Mike Spock on Vimeo.

can spotted u Keith a.k.a Loose Seal in the video?

8 cars @12 midnite~

after the unsuccessful uphill last time~we're back
8 cars is enough~
3 cefiro, 2 mark II, 1 purple car, a bulubird and s13.5
4door soarer
track worthy car on the street
arrived and cooling down
before we leave and been chased by the police LOL~

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Friday is Here

(non related pic)
*so let's go somewhere tonite :D


A lazy cut and paste posting via Roadsterdrift
This is Good-Row’s C35 Laurel. So hot! Outside of Haruyama’s car you don’t see many of these around.
I’m not a huge fan of most Final Konnexion aero, with the exception of this kit and the FD stuff. I think the fact that these are so rare, really appeals to me. I wish I saw more of them out. They come with RB25, but as we all know the26 just pops right
Action shots = boner time! I love the color as well on this thing.

Quick spec:
GP Sports Gullflame (18×9.5 +/-0 F & 18×9.5 -8 R)
Tein Super Drift Coilover
Largus Sway Bars
D-Max full pillow arms
ER33 Mission
Nismo GT-Pro LSD
HKS GT-RS Turbine
Tomei 260 Cams

And the list goes on, but overall a very cool auto!

Credit to Rob of Roadsterdrift!