Sunday, August 28, 2011

cars hunting

Sorry for the lack of update~
i have been on early "Raya" holiday starting from 24th August till 4th September 2011

so here a some picture of 4 doors toyota~
Amat Rattlezasia Ke70 DX have been hibernating for quite sometime now~
and yupe its for sale
x8 Mark II in my house area in Kajang,judging by the all brown interior,a digital dash and still using an axle,i suspected the engine is a 1G
in Banting town,spotted a frameless x8 Mark II with big win bodykit~and no its not for sale haha :P

and finally
Bandi 4 door soarer is ready for the next drift competition in the month September


Slappy said...

I love the Bandi 4 door Soarer!!!

singbluesiliver said...

hehe me too,btw i post the rear shot of the car on ur FB page :D

strike freedom said...

i was interested with cresta for few years edy, but the problem is, can't find any car for it hard to find this car???