Sunday, August 21, 2011

a meet in KL

Friday -19th August 12a.m
got an info from my fellow x8 owner,there's a gathering going down at Dataran Merdeka
once arrived,it was raining heavily and most of the guys decided to just stay inside the car
a total of eight x8, four x9 and a Verossa show up that night
we then headed to Bangsar food court for the drinks and talk kok sing song session LOL
the last time i meet these guys was last year i think

after the rain stopped~we went back to Dataran Merdeka
Hey! why this car colour scheme look so familiar :P
remember white car,red wheels? hahahha
parked on the side of the road,we flooded the area with 4 door love~
its funny seeing the face of the people passing by~the look of trying to figure out what sort of car this is hehe
can u spot nick of rattlezasia in this picture?
Padil x8
if jyu was red,it would look like Emon car :)
lonely~as the other x90 gang was parked on the other side
nick was laughing and shouting "Azrin~look its ur car!~" haha
since this car came with KAAZ 2way LSD, the owner didn't shy to show some burnout and tail sliding on the wet road hehe
2a.m- its time to part and until the next meet guys!

*sorry,no picture of the only Verossa in Boleh Land and others x90~
i forgot huhuhu

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