Sunday, August 7, 2011

Part 1 : i need a brake!

Friday - the main target is to fix the annoying noise sound from the subframe area,which at first suspected was a broken drive shaft
since we going to open most of the rear part today,i decided to install the r33 2pot as well and swap the tein faulty rear top mount with the JIC one
with the help of my friend Sham a.k.a Mong-gek

halfway through we noticed that is wasn't the drive shaft that was causing the damn noise since there was nothing wrong with it~
thanks to a poor installation that was done by the previous mechanic~the inner part of the drum shoes have fallen a part..
the damage~spring,washer,clip etc~brake shoes and the inner part of the brake disc rotor..
not to mention this was on the both side~left and right....SIGH!

luckily i have a spare x9 subframe at home and F.I.Y x8 and x9 share the same brake shoe=D
pulled out the parts needed and one problem solved :P

i cant use the x9 brake shoe becoz it was already too thin~so i went to Weng Hin~only to find out the item cost rm360 for a pair,need to be ordered plus i have to wait another 2 week huhuhu

upon discussion with Mong-gek,he told me that to sand paper the rough part of the brake shoe since it is still thick and use it back..
next thing to do is to sent some stuff over to Wah Seng (machinery shop) to change the slightly torn drive shaft boot cover,skim the disc and make a bracket for the r33 2pot caliper~
noticed the yellow thing on the second picture...
now the only thing to do is wait~

end of part 1

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