Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Ah Mun N lee

disclaimer - im not promoting Mun Lee Autoparts or anything~it just happen that i was there yesterday,wondering around and taking pictures to make this lame blog more interesting :P
they like the biggest chop shop company in Boleh Land~and being the biggest also makes the price tag kinda pricey
i see a lot of this thingy~this is only the first row
intercoolers that cooler the inter?
careful guys,those nardi deep corn are not original(damn~imitation is really scary these days)~ selling for half the price,rm350 huhu.. but the material its quite good and if the worker there didn't tell me it is imitation, i wouldn't have known,
so + 1 for honest seller haha :P

all and all no performance parts for jz nor jzx can be found there...

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Truck Lowering Suspension Parts said...

Very good post. It's nice to be in an auto shop every now and then. =)