Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Campus Dori

when talking about the best Drift Event in boleh land,mine have always been the "Campus Dori",
no politic,no discrimination,no hating..
just a bunch of drifters having fun on a free run event in the university area
although im not a drifter myself, i have been long enough to watch this thing changes over the years..
Yoong and gang~
Bijet Skyfiro
Ariff of Sync Optima
Terence and his street spec s13

i guess that time have change huh


Anonymous said...

remember it well, nice event then the sifu's started fighting each other, thus the sad state of politics within the community, only real events left is malacca, even that is marred by politics, oh well, it comes hand in hand with the acceptance and sucess of the sport i guess. so many offshoots of the community that belong to the same underground drifters of the the streets(sunway), saturday night drift morac, n this tiny event in UIA and the like dulu satu gang, sekarang masing masing bukak chapter sendiri....1st tier generation of drifters are still drifting today, just goes to show their passion.

singbluesiliver said...

well said Anon,hehe..i feel like i know u :D

Anonymous said...

nah dont think you do, i will always remain anonymous lol.

if u have old pictures maybe you can do a write up on malaysia's drift history...totally ur perspective id like to read that :)

singbluesiliver said...

lol,i will look into it hehe