Monday, September 19, 2011


i decided to make stickers and i need ur help choosing

Design A

Design B

FIY the sticker is around 15cm length and width around 6cm
which one do u prefer?
please vote on the right column of this blog
last vote will be on 3rd October 2011



pandapirates said...


singbluesiliver said...

Thanks for the input,will be sending some of it to u guys once its ready :D

revs Chapman said...

design A cunnn

slappy said...

I like A

Did you ever get the stickers i sent you??

singbluesiliver said...

revs - tq bro,nnt dh siap aku bagi :)

slappy -thanks slappy :)
i still haven't received it
yet,when did u sent it?

singbluesiliver said...

slappy - i received the sticker just now..thanks man!

slappy said...

Awesome! I was hoping it got to you ok!

Unknown said...

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