Friday, September 16, 2011

the Jzz20

counting days for Freedoms Crew Toyota Soarer Jzz20 to debut in Boleh Land drifting scene
for now,enjoy the teaser
the engine have already started and keeping up with the wireless theme, that's pretty much whats left in the engine bay. still be using the twin until it reached its limit
analog what??

in case ur lost
check this recent post


revs Chapman said...

Lion haz awaken! hur hur hur

Anonymous said...

ur car? cerita lah setup skit,

dont know much about the soarer, solid axles or what?

last i saw a soarer drifting was in UIA :D

boost those twins till meletup!

singbluesiliver said...

Not my car,a fellow member,will unveil the owner once the car arrived in kl.

Soarer is using irs (independent rear suspension) the one u see in uia was z10 model,this is z20 :D