Monday, September 26, 2011

part 1 : out of town

Thanks to Air-Asia flight ticket promotion that i booked a few months back, i went to Medan, Indonesia last weekend
the gang
left Kuala Lumpur for Medan at around 10pm Malaysian hour later we arrived at
Medan, Polonia Airport
took a cab to the city
10 minute later, Merdeka Square
then we start walking and searching around for a hotel
i feel like i was in Bukit Bintang :P
american muscle!
couldn't find a map anywhere so we ask the police for direction
some interesting  building and design
billboard like this are everywhere in Medan
stop by a stall on side of the road
Indonesian famous Teh Botol / Bottle Tea
The controversial Satay Padang ....hmmmmm
after walking for almost 30minute, found a hotel for the night
its not very comfortable but it will do~ 
in case ur wondering this is what 1 million rupiah look like (around rm400)
put our bag,took a bath and straight to Dinner! coz we hungry man~
Nasi Padang..
then continue walking to find Medan night spot
an office if im not mistaken
most of 4 and 5 star hotel in Medan are full booked due to a festival going on during this weekend~

 end of part 1

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